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B O D Y   O F   M I N E

VR Experience  •  Director, Artist & Developer

BODY OF MINE is a full body, interactive VR exploration of gender dysphoria, trans identity, and our individual relationships with our bodies.

Combining full body motion capture with stories of transgender individuals, the intimate experience asks audiences to step into the body of another gender, for an emotionally-charged combination of dance, animation, and interactive storytelling.

Visit the full website at:

Body of Mine


Photogrammetry  •  Creator, Unreal Artist

"re..." is a distance... it is a feeling, a meditation, a daydream. It is my way of coping with growing older. It's a collection of the past, a portrait of a memory, a longing for a place distanced by time. 

This is an ongoing project, a combination of photogrammetric scans of my family inside Unreal Engine 5 to meditate on the liminal space between goodbye and hello.

Ama's Momento

A M A ' S   M O M E N T O

Projection Mapping Artist  •  Live at the 2019 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

Ama's Momento
Installation Directed by Awu Chen
Projection Room by Cameron Kostopoulos
Music by Kevin Ke
Ama's Momento is a multimedia experience composed of VR, AR, and projection mapping, bringing to life the incredible story of Yoko Kung (龔玉葉) and her art collection.
'Ama's Momento: Projected Boundaries' is an immersive projection-mapped experience, bringing the journey of Ama into the audience's physical surroundings. 
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Dear Mom,

D E A R   M O M ,

360 Trailer, BAFTA Interactive Media Showcase 2020

Dear Mom,

Executive Produced by Awu Chen

Directed by Kevin Ke and Sebastian Aldo Widjaya 

Trailer by Cameron Kostopoulos

While struggling to become a successful VR artist, an Asian-American woman comes home to visit her Mom after years of separation. A 360º immersive experience, Dear Mom, is also a campaign dedicated to appreciating mother figures through the act of gift-giving.

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Ths Bitter Earth

This Bitter Earth

Interactive Film  •  Writer, Director, Editor

Revolving around the dynamic between Humanity and Mother Earth, 'This Bitter Earth' is an interactive dance film that highlights themes of growth and destruction.

Calling for a more direct engagement with its content, 'This Bitter Earth' attempts to touch on the collective guilt shared across humankind regarding our planet's destruction, placing viewers in a position wherein they ultimately share blame for Mother Earth's demise.

Powered live through CtrlMovie and digitally through Eko. 

code blue

AR Experience  •  Creator

Created in Unity, 'code blue' augments digital animation onto blank canvases, exploring the intersection between digital and physical identity. 

code blue
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