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A N T I - V E N O M   F O R   A   S N A K E

Director  |  Written by Gerardo Garcia  |  Produced by Val Tan & Alex Jiang

1993, East Village, New York. When a provocateur drag queen loses her soulmate to AIDS, she struggles to pay rent and must fight to save her home and legacy.

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Writer & Director

Welcome to my narrative portfolio.

Below you will find a number of short films I wrote and directed.

Because of the nature of film festivals and premiere statuses, the bulk of my recent films are still unavailable for public online viewing. I am happy to provide private screening links for any of my work listed here, please reach out to me directly. 

My early work, from 2016 - 2020, can be viewed publicly here.

Anti-Venom for a Snake (2022)

U N T I L   D E A T H   D O   U S   P A R T

Writer, Director, Creator | Magical Realism

In a final act of love, a man turns his dead wife's body into a piano, in order to play their wedding march one last time and bring her back from the dead.

Currently in post-production.
Until Death Do Us Part (2022)


Writer, Director, Creator | Queer Cinema

With the help of a rubber band, a closeted Catholic boy forces himself to masturbate to straight porn.