A N T I  -  V E N O M   F O R   A   S N A K E

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1993, East Village, New York.
When an upcoming drag queen's power is shut off, she must cope with the unbearable silence of an empty apartment.
written by Gerardo Garcia
produced by Valerie Tan & Alex Jiang
directed by Cameron Kostopoulos
"Anti-Venom for a Snake" is an experimental drama immersed in emotional realism that explores queer love and loss at the height of the AIDS epidemic. The film follows Marcos, the man behind the rising drag queen Evita Envy, as he copes with the recent loss of his soulmate, Santi, and his own weakening body.
With the realities of a pandemic at the forefront of everyone's mind, we strive to shed light on an epidemic long swept under the rug as a "gay plague", to evoke sympathy for characters traditionally alienated as sinful or other, and to invite audiences across identities to experience the power of queer love: unique in experience, yet universally relatable.
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